Danceproject with Sylvia Heyden (Video)

Duo with Sergey Letov (Video)

The Ethnosphere Project
Live concert in Kazan Juli 2009 with Talgat Hasenov (kurai, flutes,bass, keys) and Dmitrij Pankin (perc): (Video 1, Video 2)

With Dene Whitney (upright bass): (Video)

The Prayer
Vlady Bystrov and Dmitri Pankin live on sax and chimes in Alekseevskoje by Kazan, Russia Juli 2009 (Video)

Nu Jazz project on III International Jazz Festival in Kazan with V. Bystrov- s-sax, ethnic flutes, samples and live electronic, O. Anohin- piano,keys, trombone, O. Skepner-voc, E. Sokolov- a-sax, D. Pankin-perc, E. Muzeeva-dance (Video)

Concert with Kazaner Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera".

Maestro: R. Abjasov
Soloists: Mark Drobinsky (Paris) and Vlady Bystrov (Video)

Russian SAX-MAFIA feat. Vlady Bystrov (Video)

"A lyrical interlude for an actor and musician" (Video)

Duo with drummer Oori Shalev (Video)

Various musical projects (here with N. Roubanov and N. Sudnik in St. Petersburg, Russia) (Video)