Vlady Bystrov, leading musician among composers who improvise, portrays legend, nature and urbanity through nearly vocal phrasing, odd intervals, bent and stretched inflactions, delicate overtones and artful "noise" - a language not unlike Russian that conjures narrative energy and vivid imagery from a fresh, proud, sophisticated New-European perspective.

Two young Turks of Leo Records, the saxophonist Vlady Bystrov of Germany and the pianist Alexey Lapin of Russia, join forces to throw a gauntlet to the Russian classical composer Rimsky-Korsakov — the duo performed under a huge portrait of the great Russian Master whose spirit was haunting the performance. Although Bystrov added to his saxophone a huge array of electronic instruments while Lapin played acoustic piano only, the musicians abandoned their egos to create an exciting blend of perfect harmony. (Video, PDF)

"Reverie - The most beautiful melodies of the world for Organ and Woodwinds" This programm is “The best of..” from the whole music history-the same piece of Robert Schumann, but also pieces by Albinoni, Bach, Gluck, Martini, Mozart, Schubert, Grieg, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Satie, Morricone and others. It is a concert of the quiet-flowing melodies. Multi-instrumentalist Vlady Bystrov plays his different saxophones and clarinets and the Kantor Hans-Dieter Karras creates sound pictures on the organ.
Video Albinoni Adagio
Video Organ and Electronic

With german composer and pianist Dietrich Eichmann, Bernfried E.G. Proeve, in Russia situated Sergey Letov or resourceful drummer from Israel and now in Europe Oori Shalev whose gongs and tuned drums subtly stir the music, Vlady Bystrov invokes the mystery and inner logic of intuition as only someone understanding its working can. The duo's interactive sensitivity is achieved, not found, their freedom set within structures, not chaos.

Video with Dietrich Eichmann
Video with Bernfried E.G. Proeve
Video with Sergey Letov