Bernfried E. G. Pröve- prepared piano, synthi; Vlady Bystrov- Wolfram-vlady's klangzerstoerer, live-electronic, woodwinds (Video)

From the cycle "Heimatlieder no. 5"

a) Introitus
b) Acintya
c) 4 short dialogues for violin and clarinet

Milo Tamez-perc
Sankari Krishnan-voc
Ute Voelker-acc
Julianne Carney-vl
Vlady Bystrov-cl
Performed 11.08.08 at Roulette, New York City (Video)

Concerto Piccolo

2007, for improvised musicians and Live-Electronic. Live-Performance by S. Letov-bcl, J. und L. Aksenovy-theremin, V. Makarov-cello, V. Bystrov-EWI/elctr, at neue_nacht II, Moscow DOM (Video).

Chinese Pictures

For Solo-Instruments, at Europe-Asia 2007 Festival for modern music in Kazan, Russia.

- Solo for Hulusi No 1: Video
- Solo for EWI (electronic wind instrument) No 2: Video
- Solo for Sopran-Saxophon No 3: Video
- Solo for Alt-Saxophone and Live-Electronic No 4: Video

Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis)

2007, for two Theremin and Live-Electronic. Live-Performance: Jana und Lana Aksenovy-th, V. Bystrov-elctr, at neue_nacht II, Moscow DOM (Video)


2004-2007, for Cello, Dancer and electronic sounds (after Boschs "Garden of Delight"). Live-Performance 2007 by V. Makarov-cello, E. Muzeeva-dance, V. Bystrov-elctrn (Video)