A musician, that loving the small forms - the modern St. Petersburg Quartett, experimental duets with different musicians from the whole world or fine classical chamber music evenings- Vlady Bystrov, born in Russia, is enough to himself and has no need of big ensembles or orchestras (what doesn’t hinder to perform pieces- dedicated to him- with the Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera").

The unashamedly Romantic and Consummate Artist is a Woodwind Player and Experienced Educator, Composer and Innovator. All with an intended deep sincerity, conviction, energy and a passionate humanity. He always strives for having "a message" as an Artist. He and his instruments "are one". He is fundamentally a composer and creator of concepts who utilizes his role as- some proclaim- Premier Musician, to express the final musical conclusion. His horns, self-founded live electronic setup with effects, pedals, loop station, computer and other variety of instruments (wooden flutes, duduk, ocarinas, keyboards, etc.) are the vehicles of expressing his compositional and conceptual ideas he feels free to use for "whatever works and music calls for" to serve the purpose of the concept, music and "message".

Musically advanced, knowledgeable and technically proficient enough to be complex, ultimately, his compositions and playing is deftly and cleverly simple and unadorned. He has striven for "the art of simplicity and understatement". What can sound incredibly simple, to be possibly dismissed by some, can actually be quite profound, very difficult and have more depth of content than noticed at first listening.

Vlady Bystrov’ Concept for Duo with piano combines virtuosity and sensitive musicality in performances of music spanning from the Baroque dances of Antonio Vivaldi to twentieth-century German music of E. Schulhoff and B. Hummel to Sonates with Jazz sounds of Ph. Woods and Oliver Nelson to works from Russians E. Denisov and J. Chugunov. His tireless work to develop the saxophone repertoire has produced dozens of commissioned works as well as transcriptions of music by composers as diverse as V. Artjomov, S. Slonimsky, M. Kagel, K. Stockhausen. He has worked with a multitude of composers in the creation and interpretation of new music including D. Salbert, U. Pollmann, E. von Engeln, B. Proeve just to name a few, and has performed in many of the world's leading concert venues and contemporary music festivals.